Benefits of Telomere Testing

The primary benefit of a telomere test may be the information it provides about a person's biological age. This information may enable the person to make lifestyle adjustments that can lead to better health and a longer life.

Telomeres are known to respond well to a healthy lifestyle. A person who maintains a good diet, exercises regularly and is free from constant heavy stress is less likely to endure accelerated telomere shortening.

In contrast, people who do not maintain a healthy lifestyle are more likely to have shorter telomeres.

For example, people who care full-time for elderly or sick relatives (such as a daughter caring alone for a mother with Alzheimer's and a brother with autism) carry a tremendous burden of stress and are more likely to have shorter telomeres. In particular, mother's who care for sick children – enduring long-periods of high emotional stress – are known to have shorter telomeres (source).